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5 Things To Look For In Water Aerobics Shoes


Aqua aerobics, aqua zumba, water aerobics, aqua jogging, whatever your preferred type of water based exercise may be…you’ve made a smart and healthy decision! Water based exercise offers so many benefits that you just don’t get from other exercises like walking, jogging, or regular aerobics…

Magical Things That Happen When You Take a Break Outside


Mom was right when she said “Go play outside.” In just minutes a day, being outdoors has real benefits for body and soul. There’s no need to pack a suitcase and your passport to reap the rewards of a workday siesta, all you need is a sunny day, a lunch break, some great looking Cudas sandals…

Cudas Footwear expands print media presence for 2014


RICHMOND, VA — March 6 — Cudas Footwear has beefed up media buys for spring and summer, positioning its water shoes and sandals as the must-have shoe for warm weather recreation. The Cudas national media buy includes two ads in Outside magazine. The ads will run in Outside’s spring Buyer’s…

Cudas Footwear featured in Grid magazine


RICHMOND, VA — September 14 — Cudas Footwear was featured in Grid magazine, a publication distributed throughout the Greater Richmond Area. The River Issue, on racks Sept. 13, 2012, highlighted figures and companies who support the James River. The article, “Cudas Footwear: Making Great Strides…

Cudas Footwear partners with Semper Finest


RICHMOND, VA — June 1 — Cudas Footwear announces a partnership with Semper Finest, a custom military care package company. Cudas are featured prominently in Semper Finest’s “Vacation in a Box” care packages. The packages, sold on, lend a multisensory vacation feeling…

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